Time is Change and Property got switched from Traditional Methods to New Ideas


Fifty years ago when our forefathers wanted to buy property, etc., and they prefers, they would buy the agricultural land there. And agricultural land used to come in one million. And in a much larger size, one hundred acres, acres, or several hundred square feet of land were purchased. And it was then that the land was bought and left. No one was selling it. No one was buying it. There was only agricultural work on it. It used to be agricultural work. Or those lands were transferred from generation to generation.

Why People Prefer Housing Societies:

For the time being, almost 20 years ago, we went back 20 years ago, so our parents, who were twenty years ago, saw the property a little differently. And this was the time when so much housing society was booming. That is, a very large number of societies came into existence. And people were already very tired of agricultural lands, so you could say that there were a lot of issues, such as occupation, fighting, etc. Then part of the contribution, etc. Then he prefers that we go to the Housing Society besides the land.

What to Look for When Buying a Plot in a New Housing Societies:

Speaking of ancient times, there are many people who have moved to outside countries and bought their plots etc. inside the housing society. That we will make them our home within the coming time. And a lot of people have built their properties, built their houses, but there are many plots that still exist. But if we look at this story, we get a very big line as there are huge housing societies, which have become huge housing societies in the last two decades. And people made a lot of silver and made a lot of money inside real estate. Sell ​​your place in a place that never existed. They never existed. And people didn’t even realize that. People lost their money by working very hard. But when these matters were going on, it was quite difficult to decide at that time which builder would be fine and which was not.

How to Choose the Right Housing Society:

The main reason for this is that when we make an investment, we say that we have not seen the copy that we are planning for where we are taking the place, whether it is from the authority or the local location. Whether or not that is the place of the owner’s name or not, what is the honor of whether they bought the place or not. What do people do? Some sectors are made. The benefits for the sectors revolve around the ten to fifteen years, so one must be very careful about these things. It is sad because there are so many housing societies that if we talk about many famous societies, then the government has banned many housing societies then it will be easy for you to decide which housing society to buy your plot in. There are many housing societies whose NOCs have not yet been released, so over time the agricultural lands that are in decline are shrinking. That we need in this era.

What is the status of property in 2019?

Now that’s Third Generation, which you can call 2019. What is the status of property now, they do not believe in the files which are now inside the property housing society. Now people who are converting themselves to rural areas. There are big projects being built, vertical buildings are building, high-rise buildings are building, high-rise buildings are being built. People are making their investments. People buy apartments, offices, shops and more. Which keeps them from earning a rental income. And at the same time the value of their property is increasing. Because there is such a property in the city center. There are places that are a very developed place.

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