How to Start Your Real Estate Database


When you come into this business, it’s a business, a business of people. We are in a service industry, so many people have this demand, which is a good people’s morality, which is very good people. Can talk, he is very good at getting people to this business. This business is about making friends, enhancing relationships with people, making friends, influencing people with their morals. Doing all this can make your business a success. Many people have succeeded in this business. And when we talk about people, it is very important that they are very good people and morals. And this thing is very important. What does opening up mean, inside the business you have to do, that you have to create a database. How to get a database?

How do you get real estate leads?

Now what is the database that people think, that they have in mind, that the clients who are, you will talk to them. This will make them ready to buy the property. If it doesn’t, this is a business, which should be done in the manner of a property business. It is better to do it professionally. And that is, write everything down, make a data of it all, human memory is very weak. He cannot remember everything, it is very important for him to write down everything.

Types of List

Make a list. There are two types of list, one for buyer and one for seller.

  • Primary List
  • Secondary List

That should be L’s primary list, one should be your secondary list.

Primary List:

What you need to do in the primary list is to write down the names of your special people, such as your friends, your relatives, your neighbors, your college friends, where you used to do one thing before. People you know. All of them have names to write. Do not keep in mind your people who are registering, will buy this property and will not buy it. You have to write down the names of all your companions.

Everyone in this world needs a home. If they want to invest, everyone who is your client needs it. He may need one. You have to tell them all, that I am a estate agent. And I can help you with your property purchase. If you need any kind of home, any apartment, you can give me a chance to serve. You will get a lot of business this way. This is a Primary List. This is a list of people you already know.

Secondary List:

Now comes the secondary list. Strangers come in on what happens in the secondary list. That you don’t know today. Those guys are on the secondary list. And main business is in your secondary list. Practice, talk to them, tell them about the property, show them where the market is headed. But the real business is what you get from Stranger. That you don’t know. So your job is to greet people. Meet them, talk to them, because there are new people who can grow your business. So this is a very important thing for him.

How to communicate with people?

Now if you’re a hotel business, and you think, that your relatives, people you know, can make your hotel business a success. So it’s wrong, you think, how many people will come to you. You must have a primary list for this, so that you know it and can tell everyone. But if you want to grow your hotel business, you have to invite Stranger People. Then come how to communicate with people? All kinds of people have their own habit. They are less similar to people.

Where did you take these things from?

All you have to do is meet the people you are now. One must admire two things. That you’re thinking style is great. You are too street forward. I like your thing so much and then appreciate their things. Where did you take these things from? That this thing is good for you. Your shoes are very good. Your clothes are very nice. So what happens is that you and those people get involved. Make it a habit to smile. You treat people with good morals. So that you wake up to people, you always remember them. This is a very important principle of real estate business.

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