When you son or daughter is beginning to grow up and will soon be starting school, you are faced with the decision of what type of school will you send your child to. You have many different choices, such as home schooling, public schools, religious schools, and private schools. Many people may not understand exactly what the difference between a private school and a public school is. A private school is one that is controlled or run by an individual, or a group of people like an agency, that receive support from public funds. A private school is not restricted or run by the government. Private schools, for the most part, make their own rules and curriculum. Private schools for teens can help keep your teenager focus on making good grades and achieving as much academically as they possibly can. 

Why Use a Private School?

This is a big decision whether or not to send your child to a public school or a private one, and many factors are involved. For example, it could be very expensive to send you teen to a private school. Depending on how much the school has to offer for your teen, it could cost up to 30,000 dollars a year. This is quite a bit of money and makes you ask questions like, will my child benefit more from a private school than a public one? Is it really worth all the extra money it will cost? Will I really be able to afford to send my child to a private school? These are some good questions, and financially you will have to decide, but to help you understand private schools better, we will give you a few good reasons for choosing a private school.   

1.    Academically challenged 
2.    Individual attention 
3.    Safety 
4.    Push students for college 
5.    Discipline 

Teens that are challenged academically seem to perform on a higher level than ones who are not. They know that the school has high expectations for them and will put forth more of an effort to provide this. A private school for teens helps to give your child a higher expectation for themselves, and makes them want to do better than they have to, in order to graduate. 

Sometimes in a public school teens tend to get pushed back, teacher are so busy trying to meet the states standards that they don’t have time for individual attention for students. In a private school there are fewer students per class, which means your teen can receive the individual attention they may need to reach their goals. 

Safety is a big issue in public schools; some students may have problems at home or be abusing drugs or alcohol. A student may become so depressed they don’t care if they live or not, these students could bring a gun or knife to school and harm others along with themselves. Public schools provide all the protection they can, but sometimes a troubled child may slip through. Also kids who are bullies will pick on other kids by either physically or verbally abusing them. Private schools offer fewer students, with more teachers, which will helps to create a safer environment. They have more control over what goes on in their schools, which allows them to enforce their rules easier. privates school encourage teens to prepare for college and because of their higher standards, can help your teen to feel more prepared and ready for college when the time comes.

When you choose a private school for your teen you are sending them to a school that will have strict guidelines and teach your child discipline.

Private schools Standards

Most private schools for teens have a higher standard to graduate than public schools require. They demand that your teen be more academically challenged, they teach them to be better than they have to be to accomplish their goals. Private school teens have to meet a stricter criterion to keep up their grade point standard. Teens that attend a private school are expected to give more in areas like the quality of their work. The amount of work that these teens are expected to do is usually much heavier than a public schools. Some private schools may expect the teen to participate in community service. The things that a public school teen considers to be extra work or extra activities may be expected from a private school teen before they are allowed to graduate. With all the high expectations and extra attention that teens receive from a private school, they learn to have higher expectations, and tend to push harder on their own.

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