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Congratulations for your choice to enroll in a school of higher learning. Most people have heard of the federal government’s largest money programs for students like the Pell Grant program and the Guaranteed Student Loan program. But did you know that the federal government is the single largest source of money for students-whether they need it or not? In all cases, grants are free and do not have to be paid back. Why are they free? Because your parents pay taxes and Congress sets aside over $33 Billion per year so that students in the US will have the funding to go to the school of their choice. Listed below are just a small sample of the grants available. In some cases the total education tab is picked up by the federal government if you major in an area in which there is a high demand for employees and personnel. The only suggestion is that you start early.

You live in the greatest country in the world, only in the United States will you find programs of this nature and magnitude. Do well in school and prosper.

Here’s a partial listing of all the grants and scholarships available.

  • Grants for undergraduate and graduate students who have trouble paying tuition
  • $20,000 For students who want to become teachers
  • $1,500 Per year grants to college students
  • Free tuition to white students who want to attend black colleges
  • Money for high school students in the top 15% of their class
  • Money for students who want to become bilingual education teachers
  • $5000 for accounting, veterinary and students pursuing 19 other professional careers
  • Free tuition to children of law enforcement and firefighters killed in the line of duty
  • Money for dependents of veterans killed or disabled in military service
  • Money to attend private college
  • Money for high school students in the top 20% of their class
  • $7500 a year for undergraduate or graduate students in health, science, or mathematics
  • $6000 plus tuition and fees for teachers to return and get a graduate degree
  • Internships to work towards your major
  • Summer jobs in government for high school and college students
  • $7200 per year for women and minorities to go to graduate school
  • Money for flight training
  • Tuition, books and fees to Vietnam Vets
  • Money for students and teachers to travel and study overseas
  • Grants to students with 25% Native American Blood
  • Grants to those in great financial need
  • Grants to high scholars with a 3.01 or better
  • Grant money to attend community college
  • Grants for minorities going to school full-time or part-time
  • Tuition, fees and daycare for the disabled
  • $15,000 for students studying to become dental hygienists, midwives, therapists and speech language pathologists
  • Grants to students with high SAT scores
  • Grants to study law, medicine, dentistry, nursing or pharmacy
  • Money for part-time students
  • Grants for tuition, room and board
  • Money for child care while you go to school or work part time
  • Money to go to school if you lose your job in a small town
  • Grants up to $3500 no matter what your grades are.
  • Money for students who are studying areas of national need
  • Money for women and minority students to go to graduate school
  • Scholarships for computer science, mathematics and engineering students
  • Money for students who want to study early childhood education and violence counseling
  • Money for students interested in careers in public service
  • $2,500 For high school and college students to study and travel during the summer
  • Scholarships and money to repay loans of disadvantaged health professionals
  • Grants to states to give scholarships to those who want to serve the community
  • Money for American Indians who want to be health care professionals
  • Money for American Indians who need extra studies before acceptance into a health care program
  • Scholarships for health care professionals
  • Money for American Indians minority to attend school
  • and the list goes on!

This list only represents about 5% of all the grants available.

Education Grant/Loan Search Disc. This program lists many sources of educational funding. Both grants and loans for students are listed for you to apply for your undergraduate, graduate and technical schools. We also provide resources where you can search for up to date sources of funding for your educational endeavors.

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